Electrical Applications for Air Conditioning Refrigeration Systems

(s): Billy C. Langley
Publisher: Fairmont Press
Year: 2000
No of Pages: 459 pages
Edition: 1st edition
Size: 7.6 MB
File Format: PDF
Book Description:
Electrical troubleshooting is possibly the most neglected area of maintaining air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. This text explains and illustrates methods for troubleshooting the full spectrum of electrical or electronic circuits of these systems.
Comprehensive sections offer coverage of electrical fundamentals, single-phase electric motors, three-phase motors, control devices, electrical control circuits, use of schematic diagrams in troubleshooting, ice makers, solid state electronics, and basic electronic controls.
The author's clear, concise coverage of controls enables you to quickly understand both how a specific type of control works, and how it is used in the system. You'll find a wealth of useful instructions for making operational checks and troubleshooting for proper operation.
The book is conveniently divided into application-specific units, making it easy to quickly find information specific to a particular job at hand.
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