HVAC Fundamentals 2nd,Sam Sugarman

(s): Sam Sugarman
Publisher: The Fairmont Press
Year: 2011
No of Pages:300 pages
Edition: 2nd edition
Size: 13.5 MB
File Format: PDF

Book Description:
Updated to cover the latest technology advances and terminology, this book covers the full range of HVAC systems used in today's facilities. You'll find all the details necessary to clearly understand how HVAC systems operate.
Comprehensive in scope, the book separates out each of the major HVAC system components and controls for air, water, heating, ventilating and air conditioning, clearly illustrating the way each system, subsystem, control or component contributes to providing the desired indoor environment.
You'll learn why one component or system may be chosen over another with respect to design, application, energy conservation, indoor air quality, and cost. The second edition also adds a brand new chapter on psychrometrics. Fully examined are heat flow fundamentals, as well as the heat flow calculations used in selecting equipment and determining system operating performance and costs. Fluid flow fundamentals and equations, and basics of system testing and verification of system performance are also covered.

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