Hvac Control in the New Millennium

(s): Michael F. Hordeski
Publisher: Fairmont Press
Year: 2002
No of Pages: 387 pages
Edition: 1st edition
Size: 1 MB
File Format: PDF
Book Description:
Advances in personal computer control and sensor technology are leading the advances in building controls as we enter the new millennium. Pushing the technology are potentially high reductions in operating costs from increased operational efficiency. Building conditioning now accounts for about 20% of the total energy consumed in the U.S. so computer-optimized HVAC systems can make a major contribution in reducing our national energy use. This book examines how the latest advances in distributed technology will be used in commercial systems.

Topics include the full scope of current and emerging HVAC control technologies, covering personal computer-based systems, expert systems, fiber optic infrared technologies, wireless communication, self-optimizing software sensors, microtechnology, distributed direct digital control, control bus techniques and more.
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