HVAC Pump Handbook

(s): James Rishel, Thomas Durkin, Ben Kincaid 
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Year: 2006
No of Pages: 645 pages
Edition: 2nd edition
Size: 11 MB
File Format: PDF

Book Description:
The Most Comprehensive Guide to the Design, Installation, and Maintenance of All Types of HVAC Pumps
First published in 1996, McGraw-Hill's renowned HVAC Pump Handbook set a new standard for excellence in the field. Now completely updated, the Second Edition equips HVAC designers, engineers, and technicians with concrete methods for achieving an efficient operation in pumps for HVAC and water systems using the latest digital electronic technologies.

Filled with case studies, current codes, and solved problems, the reference covers HVAC pumps and their performance…the basics of HVAC water systems…pumps for open and closed HVAC cooling systems…pumps for HVAC hot water systems…HVAC pump instrumentation and testing...and much more. With the help of this revised Second Edition, HVAC professionals can:

·         Get the latest information on chiller installation
·         Explore new developments in automatic controls
·         Examine current advances in heat recovery systems
·         Apply new design data for geothermal systems
·         Utilize updated information on electronic pumps
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