Radiant Floor Heating 2nd edition

(s): R. Dodge Woodson
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Year: 2009
No of Pages: 304
Edition: 2nd edition
Size: 9 MB
File Format: PDF
Book Description:
Radiant Floor Heating, Second Edition now offers details on alternative fuel sources and covers new material options and installation procedures, updated code information, and state-of-the-art piping and heating equipment.

Revised illustrations featuring modern products are included in this practical resource. Get everything you need to:
  • Understand and explain the advantages of in-floor radiant heating
  • Select superior equipment--tubing, boilers, expansion tanks, pumps, and controls
  • Install embedded and dry radiant heat systems in new or existing homes
  • Incorporate hot water heating into your designs
  • Set up heating zones for variable temperatures throughout a house
  • Design a solar-powered system
  • Use alternative fuel sources
  • Provide outdoor ice removal and other amenities
  • Troubleshoot and repair system problems

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