Air Distribution in Buildings 2013

(s): Essam E. Khalil 
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2013
No of Pages: 264 pages
Edition: 1st edition
Size: 16 MB
File Format: PDF
Book Description:
Air Distribution in Buildings is a concise and practical guide to air distribution system design and managing air conditioning systems in buildings. Making use of 40 years of experience in the design of air conditioning and ventilation systems, and other electromechanical services, this structured reference for built environment engineering offers in-depth coverage of air distribution technology. The text brings together a wide range of information and offers technical guidance on the design, calculation, and efficient operation of air distribution in buildings.

The text highlights the special characteristics of air distribution in individual spaces. It presents the basic and fundamental concepts of air distribution as it relates to grilles and outlets, room space, and buildings. It focuses on air distribution systems in large buildings, starting with simple rooms and then moving on to more complex configurations. It also sums up the latest standards and best practices in air conditioning engineering.

  •     Includes knowledge of the new trends in buildings’ air distribution
  •     Provides systematic analyses of the air flow regimes, heat transfer, and relative humidity in a collection of specially built environments
  •     Presents energy analyses of the air conditioning systems for operating theaters and sporting facilities in unusual and severe climatic conditions
  •     Offers a description of flow characteristics in archeological monuments with emphasis on combating excessive moisture
  •     Introduces examples of very dense occupancy built environments, moisture sensitive environments, and open space air conditioning
  •     Details advanced treatment of flow characterization in large public buildings

This text serves as an ideal resource for air conditioning engineers, contractors, and consultants. It also benefits mechanical and architectural engineering students.
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