Liquid cooling guidelines for datacom equipment centers

Series: ASHRAE Datacom
Publisher: American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
Year: 2014
No of Pages: 122
Edition: 2nd edition
Size: 7.2 MB
File Format: PDF
Book Description:
Data center IT equipment today is predominantly air cooled. However, with rack heat loads steadily climbing, the ability for many data centers to deliver either adequate airflow rates or sufficient chilled air is now being stretched to the limit. These trends in the heat load generated from IT equipment can have detrimental side effects, such as decreased equipment availability, wasted floor space, and inefficient cooling system operation. This situation is creating a need for implementing liquid cooling solutions.
The overall goals of the liquid implementations include aspects such as transferring as much waste heat to the facility liquid cooling loop as possible, reducing the overall volume of airflow needed by the racks, and reducing processor temperatures such that increased computer performance can be achieved.

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