ASHRAE Design Guide for Cleanrooms: Fundamentals, Systems, and Performance 2017

Publisher: ASHRAE
Year: 2017
No of Pages: 444 Pages
Size: 18 MB
File Format: PDF

Book Description:

ASHRAE Design Guide for Cleanrooms provides the information needed for successful cleanroom projects. Designers, builders, owners, and operators of cleanrooms will find this book an indispensable resource.

The guide begins with fundamentals such as cleanroom classification and airflow, standards, and guidelines for cleanroom design, and sources of contaminants inside cleanrooms, including separate chapters on airborne particulate contaminants, surface particulate contaminants, airborne molecular contaminants, liquid-borne contaminants, and microbial contaminants.

From there, guidance proceeds to specific recommendations on the design of environmental control systems, covering planning and concerns such as contamination control, site selection, and services requirements, critical flow arrangements, architectural considerations, indoor environmental quality, outdoor emission control and outdoor air intake, and safety.

Additional chapters discuss electrical, control, and lighting systems, as well as using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to assist in cleanroom design.

Finally, dedicated chapters address cleanroom testing and certification, qualification, commissioning, and the needs of cleanrooms in specific facility types, such as semiconductor and electronics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare, and food processing.

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