Control and Instrumentation Technology in HVAC: PCs and Environmental Control 1st Edition

(s): Michael F. Hordeski
Publisher: Fairmont Press
Year: 2000
No of Pages: 329 Pages
Edition: 1st edition
Size: 1.9 MB
File Format: PDF

Book Description:

While most industrial controls have benefitted from advances in personal computer control and sensor technology, building controls have lagged behind. Only now are some of the techniques used in industrial automation showing up in HVAC systems. As energy costs continue to grow in relation to overall operating costs, the need for more refined HVAC control becomes more crucial. HVAC strategies such as optimizing start-up time and supply air temperature, and minimizing fan energy and reheating are not only possible but are becoming necessary. This book examines the relationship between industrial automation techniques and evolving HVAC systems, as well as how emerging technologies can now be applied to HVAC systems. The latest HVAC control technologies and their application are fully examined, with specific coverage of HVAC optimization strategies, boiler and pump control, heat pump and chiller optimization, environmental controls, wireless control, computer control and building automation.

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