Fundamentals of Heating and Cooling Loads I-P

(s): David B. Meredith, P.E.
Publisher: ASHRAE
Year: 1998 + errata 2017 
No of Pages: 314 Pages
Size: 24.2 MB
File Format: PDF
Series: ASHRAE Fundaments of HVAC&R Series

Book Description:

You will develop an understanding of heat transfer as it applies to buildings and the various factors that must be considered when calculating the heating and cooling loads of a building. After completing the course, you should know:

  • How to use a simple heat loss calculation procedure
  • How to find and use local climate data
  • The thermal properties of building materials
  • The effects of air infiltration and ventilation
  • The basic concepts and methods to determine cooling loads
  • The effects of windows, walls, roofs, and partitions on loads
  • The basic types of internal loads
  • How to use the CLTD Method
  • How to use the Transfer Function Method

Course Content

  • Heat Transfer and Load Calculation -- Conduction; convection; radiation; thermal capacitance; and sensible and latent heat transfer.
  • Simple Heat Loss Calculation Procedure - The basic process; example building; and useful comments.
  • Temperature Design Conditions and Weather Data - Inside and outside design conditions; winter outdoor design temperature; wind and annual extremes data; summer outdoor design conditions; and other sources of climatic information.
  • Thermal Properties of Materials - Building material properties; U-factors for non-uniform sections; surface resistance and dead-air spaces; and thermal performance among alternatives.
  • Heat Transfer Through Walls, Roofs, and Floors - Building description; zoning the design; unheated spaces; slab-on-grade; basement; crawlspace; dormers, gables and overhangs; and building summary.
  • Infiltration and Ventilation - Infiltration sources; air change method; effective leakage area method; ventilation; and humidification and moisture control.
  • Cooling Load Calculations - Heat flow rates; initial design consideration; and calculation methods.
  • Air-Conditioning Loads on Walls, Roofs and Partitions - Sol-air temperatures; CLTD for roofs; CLTD for walls; interior partitions; and sample problem.
  • Cooling Loads from Windows - Window gains by conduction; solar heat gains; internal and external shading devices; and example calculations.
  • Internal Loads - Lighting; power; appliances; people; cooling system gains; and examples.
  • Example Heating and Cooling Load Calculation - Sample problem definition; initial data collection and assumptions; heating load; and cooling load.
  • Transfer Function Method - Heat gain by conduction through exterior walls and roofs; conversion of cooling load from heat gain; and use of room transfer functions.

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