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This CD-ROM is fun and sets a new standard for training. The text is both visual and audible (voice over), requiring no computer literacy or instructor. Navigation is easy and simple, with hundreds of animated and interactive graphics to explain principles and system components. This stimulating,
self-loading CD teaches the refrigeration cycle, how each component works, and how to identify and repair many problems. The new refrigerants, recycle and recovery, and EPA regulations are covered. The program is professional, easy, fun, and challenging.You'll learn what is necessary to know about Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems from a master serviceman's point of view; the nuts and bolts of proper preventive maintenance and repair. You'll learn proven, current, useful facts and not old wives' tales or hand-me-down procedures.
This program explains the WHY, HOW, and WHEN. A mixture of both practical and theoretical design is given to provide the technician with the proper skills to maintain every level of industrial equipment safely and efficiently, from standard technology to state-of-the-art. This Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program is dedicated to the mechanical functions of the equipment and system.
Chapter 1  : Fundamentals
Chapter 2  : Sensible vs Latent Heat
Chapter 3  : Gas Laws
Chapter 4  : Refrigeration Cycle
Chapter 5  : Evaporators
Chapter 6  : Pressure Controls
Chapter 7  : Condensers
Chapter 8  : Accessories
Chapter 9  : Refrigerants
Chapter 10: Working with Refrigerants
Chapter 11: Zeotropes
Chapter 12: Refrigerant Controls
Chapter 13: Compressors
Chapter 14: Systems and Valves
Intended Audience:
* Building Maintenance Technicians
* Maintenance Supervisors
* Refrigeration Mechanics
* Electricians
* IE Mechanics
* Service Managers
* Facility Engineers, Plant Engineers & Utility Engineers
* Building Managers
* HVAC Consultants & HVAC Contractors

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Part1 (190MB)
Part 2 (37MB)

Part 1 (190MB)
Part 2 (37MB)

Part1 (190MB)
Part 2 (37MB)

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