Hourly Analysis Program HAP v4.9

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How Does It Work?
Carrier's Hourly Analysis Program is two powerful tools in one package - versatile features for designing HVAC systems for commercial buildings AND powerful energy analysis capabilities for comparing energy consumption and operating costs of design alternatives.

By combining both tools in one package, significant time savings are achieved. Input data and results from system design calculations can be used directly in energy studies.

Who Can Benefit?
HAP is designed for consulting engineers, design/build contractors, HVAC contractors, facility engineers and other professionals involved in the design and analysis of commercial building HVAC systems.

Load Calculation
  • Uses ASHRAE Transfer Function cooling load calculation procedures, ASHRAE design heating load calculation procedures, ASHRAE design weather data, ASHRAE design solar calculation procedures.
  •     Calculates space and zone loads 24-hours a day for design days in each of the 12 months. In doing so it calculates heat flow for all room elements such as walls, windows, roofs, skylights, doors, lights, people, electrical equipment, non-electrical equipment, infiltration, floors and partitions considering time of day and time-of-year factors.
  •     Performs detailed simulation of air system operation to determine cooling coil loads and heating coil loads and other aspects of system performance 24-hours a day for design days in each of the 12 months.
  •     Analyzes plenum loads.
  •     Considers any operating schedule for HVAC equipment from 1 hour to 24 hours in duration.
  •     Permits hourly and seasonal scheduling of occupancy, internal heat gains, and fan and thermostat operation.


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You can find and download Hourly Analysis Program HAP v4.41 Here